We met him few days ago at our place in Exarcheia. Informed, concerned and restless Latuff uses his pen to speak about all the bad aspects of this world.

He travels all over the world and he catches the political and social reality of the countries that suffer from the economic crisis and war with his sharp glance, insight, sarcasm as well as cynicism. The exploitation and the infringement of human rights by the political authorities as well as the movements and struggles around the world are located at the epicenter of his sketches.

Aiming the claim of a better world without inequalities, political or economic exploitation. People, ideas, situations, everything is an endless sketch with segments of the daily life of people all over the world.

We are happy for our magazine hosting a sketch of Latuff which would be exclusively designed for 3point along with his witty humor and his “cartoonist view” over anything around us.