By Yorgos Konstantinou

100.000 people took part in a nationalist rally in Thessaloniki on Sunday, demonstrating their will to deny the right of their neighbouring country to use the term Macedonia as a part of their oficial name.

Greek citizens follow the call by a wide spectrum of conservative forces, including the criminals of GoldenDawn nazi party, orthodox priests (especially the xeno- & homophobic Thessaloniki bishop Athimos), ancient-stroke ethnisists, but also a big part of PASOK socialdemocrats, the NeaDimokratia conservative right wing party, the governing (Syriza allied) populist party, army generals, football clubs etc.

As a confirmation of their peculiar respect to the city’ and country’s history, a group of radical fascist assistants set fire and completely destroyed an historic building, currently occupied by left wing and anarchist pro-refugee activists who converted it into a social center.

This building is (was) one of the remaining symbols of Thessaloniki’s amazing intercultural past. It had hosted generations of Sefardic Jews converted to Islam (Donme), a history ignored by the assistants of the rally, who’s perception of history is mainly a reference to Alexander the «Great» heroic past some 2400 years ago. They definitely tend to ignore that jews were the city’s biggest minority for over 4 centuries, before being massively deported by nazi Germans to extermination camps in the 40’s. Later on, the same house had hosted Greek refugees fleeing their villages when nazi occupation forces destroyed their homes.

So the nazi assistants of the rally end up burning down a house loved by people they hate: Jewish, Moslems, victims of fascism, anarchists, left wing, refugee and LGTBQ friendly people.

On the same day, the ultra nationalist Greeks GD monstrous party followers also vandalised the monument that honours the 45.000 victims of Nazi terror; our city’s Jews that died in Auschwitz.

This doesn’t mean we have 100.000 fascists in my home town. But it definitely means we have a very strong movement of people who can only percieve history distorted through an idealised nationalist narrative.