The lawyers of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan are trying to force twitter to delete the content of 80 posts, 11 of which include some Carlos Latuff sketches about Erdogan and the situation in Turkey.

Translation from Greek: Mariniki Koliaraki

Author: Melina Velimezi

“Why does Erdogan want to prevent Turkish people from seeing my sketches?”, the famous Brazilian cartoonist and activist is wondering on his blog, while publishes a document that proves the effort of Turkish President to censor Latuff’s sketches on Twitter.

Numerous times, Latuff has sketched Erdogan, sometimes as a supporter of ISIS, who add fuel to the fire that is burning in Middle East and other times as a dictator who infringes human rights and civil freedoms in his own country. This role is being proven by the action of Turkish President in order to censor twitter and the sketches that are released by the Brazilian cartoonist.

Latuff talks about a clear act of censorship. “How the political leader of a state, where it is supposed to be democracy proceeds to such actions that censor the opposite opinion”, the Brazilian cartoonist said, talking to, where some days ago was hosted a sketch created by him exclusively for 3point on the occasion of the visit of Erdogan in Greece.

Lattuf’s cartoon about the visit of the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan

Some of the sketches that are included in the list of tweets that Erdogan asks for twitter censoring them: