Translation from Greek: Mariniki Koliaraki

The family of Pavlos Fyssas released an announcement on the occasion of the completion of four years since he has been murdered by the member of Golden Dawn George Roupakias. The Family informs about the protests to commemorate his murder and the concert that is organized in his honor.

«This year, it has been four years since Pavlos was murdered and the murderers-members of Golden Dawn are still out of prison. So, we want to organize an information and support event with the legal battle against Golden Dawn as basic axis, a battle that begins in April 2015. Apart from the music part of the event, there will be a projection with audio-visual media of what has been revealed at the court up to now, and evidence about the entire action of the criminal organization. Organizing this event, we would like to remind that this trial is not only our business or business of other victims. The aim of this event is, as long as the trial enters the final straight, to become a focal point for action at all levels of the society, with practical support and a massive presence of the people at meetings, so as to make it clear that total condemnation of the fascists is considered a one-way street.

On Monday, 18th of September 2017, we participated in the anti-fascist protest in the memory of Pavlos in Keratsini (17.00 gathering at the monument of Protest in Memory of Pavlos Fyssas) which finished in the place of the event by the title «How do you tolerate yourself with them? ” (Pos aehese NAZeIs mazi tous? *) 4 years without Pavlos (which is the only event organized by us) and crosses the neighborhoods of Pavlos Fyssas. The event-concert will take place at Kastraki Drapetsonas (opposite the Gate E2 at the port of Piraeus, next to ISAP station) at 20.00 with free entrance. At the end of the concert, the municipal transport of Keratsini will transfer the people back to the monument for the facilitation of departure.

At the concert guest contribution: Magic de Spell, Ipogia Revmata **, Fundracar, Alex K & Stef (Last Drive), Mikites ***, S. Grammenos, Taburo Bota and other artists will be announced the following days via Social Media (facebook page: Rap Monsters Festival by Killah P).


The family of Pavlos Fyssas ”

* It’s a pun to the goddess (means to live) with the nazi

** Underground currents

*** Fungus




To είναι αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο μέσο που δεν έχει εκδότες και διευθυντές σύνταξης, ούτε κομματικές και οικονομικές εξαρτήσεις. Ένα μικρό πείραμα που μεγαλώνει διαρκώς, φιλοδοξώντας να ανταγωνιστεί τα κυρίαρχα, παραδοσιακά μέσα ενημέρωσης.

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