With his sharp pen, Carlos Latuff comments for 3pointmagazine, the visit of the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan. The cartoonist does not consider the arrest of 9 Turkish by the Greek authorities, a few days before Erdogan’s visit, to be a mere coincidence. In parallel he criticizes the massive arrests in Turkey after the coup attempt that comprise of a big part of arrests of academics and scientists.

The “Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan” and many left parties, organizations and groups, such as Antarsya (Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Reversal), dea (Internationalist Worker’s Left), eek (Worker’s Revolutionary Party), denounce the Greek government for a gift to Erdogan and they organize a protest today. It is pointed out that mistreatment of the imprisoned, have been mentioned, they seem to be injured in photographs and they are retained in 8 different prisons while their lawyer Aleka Zorbala talk about “Appertain to state of isolation, as they are refused of human communication, snice they can talk only in their own language, and also communication with their lawyers”.

The Solidarity Committee characterize the arrests as pretext and they claim that “Turkish political refugees haven’t done any crime. On the contrary, Greek authorities, police and the government, commit a crime by arresting people without reason”, according to the Solidarity Committee’s announcement.

On the opposite side Greek police and the Minister of Citizen’s Security, Nikos Toskas, claim that prisoners are self-injured. It is probably a new argument of the authorities as they have claimed recently that arrested persons at the protests of 17th of November, who seemed to be injured, have also been self-injured.

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