“Outcast Europe” is looking for your stories

Migration and displacement hold a central role in shaping identities and histories of peoples living or having lived in the European continent.

Migration journeys are always marked by a loss; leaving most of one’s possessions behind, what one carries is a symbol of the entire experience.

If you have an object that carries a personal or family story;
––If you are interested in placing it in a context that views migration and refugeeship as a continuous journey of people from different times and places;

If you see your experience as part of a whole, surrounded by the other pieces of the puzzle, by other people who share a similar experience;

If you want your experiences acknowledged, communicated, heard, valued;

If you want to contribute in creating a collective narrative;

If, then, some of this describes your personal, family, or community experience related to migration or displacement, “Outcast Europe” needs your participation.

“Outcast Europe” is an exhibition which, crossing time and borders, echoes the impact of migration as a personal experience and as part of the collective conscience of European peoples. It narrates personal stories, uttered through artifacts and family heirlooms offered by citizens, migrants and refugees currently residing in Europe.

If you have an object with a story and you want to lend it to the exhibition, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For information contact Veroniki Krikoni at +30 21 5545 1174 or apply for participation here (bit.ly/outcasteuropeparticipation).

Share stories. Share Europe.

Who we are:
Inter Alia is a civic organization and think tank and research organization. Our vision is to bring people closer to each other and to Europe through breaking stereotypes, analysing and deconstructing conflict, engaging actively in key political issues and dialogue. More about us on www.interaliaproject.com.

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