Tasos Theofilou was acquited of all charges. He is released this noon.

«Passion for freedom is stronger than prison’s cells», this was the slogan of hundreds of persons who has overwhelmed the Court of Appeal to express their solidarity and welcomed with tears and joy the decision after Tasos being five years in prison.

First photo after the acquisition of Tasos (Photo by Chris Avramidis @chris_avramidis)

Today the Three-member Court of Appeals has acquitted Tasos Theofilou of the case of bloody bank robbery in Naoussa, Paros in August 2012. According to this decision of the Court of Appeal he was acquitted of all charges against him.

Tasos Theofilou was arrested in 2012 by members of counter-terrorism, after an unnamed phone call had taken place. He was accused for participating in armed robbery, simple assault on the murder of the taxi-driver, as well as he has been blamed for participation in the terrorist group Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei.

Tasos Theofilou was convicted at first instance of a 25-year prison term for involvement in robbery and a simple synergy in homicide. However, the Prosecutor’s Office appealed against the innocent part of the decision, ie participation in the organization, intentional homicide, attempted manslaughter, construction, supply and possession of explosives and prominent possession of weapons, which was coupled with that he himself had appealed.

In his apology on April 28, 2017, he stated: «I will say once again and conclude that I have not committed the offenses for which I am accused. But I did the offense surrounding all the offenses. I am an anarchist. In the class war, I took a stand with the excluded and the injured, the hunted and the wretched, the poor, the weak and the oppressed…»

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Η απολογία του Τάσου Θεοφίλου: «Διέπραξα το αδίκημα που περικλείει όλα τα αδικήματα. Είμαι αναρχικός»

TranslationMariniki Koliaraki