9th-11th of June, Agricultural University of Athens

For three days in June (9/06-11/06) Athens becomes the european capital for the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE). At the Agricultural University of Athens we’ll meet the universe of a socioeconomic practice, which in the last few years has prevailed in the global public discourse. Throughout the world:

  • More than a billion people are members in co-operatives.
  • These co-ops have created more than 100 million jobs (20% more than multinational corporations) and they sustain more than 270 million jobs (predominantly of individual producers).
  • More than 3 billion people (half of the world’s population) are socially secure due to co-ops.
  • In Europe, more than 160 million citizens are members in 2 million SSE co-operative ventures (that is 10% of european businesses).

In Greece in particular, even though we’re still at the beginning, SSE ventures have set up examples and tried alternative ways to organize their economic activity, which have proved resilient against the economic crisis. Social Solidarity Economy is not a temporary treat for the symptom, that is the unprecedented conditions brought by the economic crisis. It is rather an effort to give a comprehensive answer to the question of what brought us here. In this sense, increasing the visibility of such ventures, networking, exchanging experiences and expertise, discussing on successful examples from all over Europe, are all of great interest to those who seek viable alternatives to produce, consume and work.

Thirty delegations from Europe, co-operatives from all over Greece, self-organized   structures, activists, economists and intellectuals will meet in UniverSSE 2017. The forty open discussions fall under 6+1 thematic groups:

– Forms, scope and visions of SSE and cooperativism.

– Responsible production and consumption in view of climate change.

– SSE practices regarding social inclusion, emphasising on the refugee issue.

– Social Innovation: Research, technology, education and tools for the SSE.

– Commons: Practices and approaches

– Public Policy for the SSE (local, national, european)

– Free Zone

UniverSSE 2017 is organised by the following groups from Greece:

Dock ‘Social Solidarity Economy Cooperative Zone’

Hub (Komvos) for the Social Economy, Innovation and Empowerment

Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy

Coordination of KOINSEP in Athens

Coordination of solidarity schools

Efimerida ton Syntakton – EfSyn (Journalists Paper)


Popular University for SSE.

Co-promotion by RIPESS EU – Solidarity Economy Europe

Info point

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/univerSSE2017/

mail: info@universse2017.org

The map where the event will be hosted

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