Interview by Melina Velimezi

Translation from greek to english: Mariniki Koliaraki

The famous cartoonist and activist Carlos Latuff speaks on the election of the fascist candidate Jair Bolsonaro to 3pointmagazine.

“It is a tragedy for Brazil. This is the first time a clearly fascist candidate is elected as a president”, Carlos Latuff says, speaking to 3pointmagazine about the ellection of the far-right, racist, misogynist and nostalgic of junta Jair, Bolsonaro for the country’s presidency.

As the famous cartoonist and activist explains, the good and bad handling of the four governmental periods of the Workers’ Party -PT, the former years lead to the election of far-right candidate Bolsonaro. One case of bad handling of the PT government, was the decision for collaboration with right parties in the parliament in order to govern. This decision, according to Latuff, was a huge mistake that leads to the fostering of the right-wing forces, especially the evangelicals. On the other hand, he says “the social policies being applied by the PT government supporting million people was a correct initial that cause the anger of middle class and the elite.”

The election of Donald Trump as a president of USA, as he explains, has a great impact as it encourages fascists all over the world to embolden and express their ideas without hesitation. A crucial role was that of mass media that present the party of Lula and Rousseff as the most corrupted party in the country, something that is not true, as Latuff says, “in Brazil the corruption is a problem of the system, it is not about a specific party. Of course, it is proved by the fact that half of senators of the Congress are linked to cases of corruption, irrespective of their party.”

“For an average Brazilian PT became synonym to corruption and as PT is linked to the left, then left means corruption. They cannot see any difference between neither left and center-left, nor left and right. This is the reason why the representative of the alternative is the far-right which never governs the country”, he finally said.

Το 3point magazine είναι ένα οριζόντια δομημένο μέσο που πιστεύει ότι η γνώμη όλων έχει αξία και επιδιώκει την έκφρασή της. Επικροτεί τα σχόλια, την κριτική και την ελεύθερη έκφραση των αναγνωστών του επιδιώκοντας την αμφίδρομη επικοινωνία μαζί τους.

Σε μια εποχή όμως που ο διάλογος τείνει να γίνεται με όρους ανθρωποφαγίας και απαξίωσης προς πρόσωπα και θεσμούς, το 3point δεν επιθυμεί να συμμετέχει. Για τον λόγο αυτόν σχόλια ρατσιστικού, υβριστικού, προσβλητικού, σεξιστικού περιεχομένου θα σβήνονται χωρίς ειδοποίηση του εκφραστή τους.

Ακόμα, το 3point magazine έχει θέσει εαυτόν απέναντι στο φασισμό και τις ποικίλες εκφράσεις του. Έτσι, σχόλια ανάλογου περιεχομένου θα έχουν την ίδια μοίρα με τα ανωτέρω, τη γνωριμία τους με το "delete".

Τέλος, τα ενυπόγραφα άρθρα εκφράζουν το συντάκτη τους και δε συμπίπτουν κατ' ανάγκην με την άποψη του 3point.