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In a time when the media crisis is more intense, in the field of both labor relations and the quality of information that is released, the necessity of employees giving an integrated and powerful response is being larger.

In the recent years, we notice that a critical wave of independent ventures emerge which comprises of journalists who operate based on self-management and self-organization without the control of entrepreneurs or serving interests. They operate and decide in a collective way; their popularity is being wider day by day and they manage to own an appreciate share in public awareness.

This effort is not an easy one. On the one hand finding resources, so that ventures can be sustainable, is very difficult. Although the operating cost is not too high, they are unable to meet the livelihood needs of their members. As a result, members of such ventures are to work double to cover their needs and offer the necessary creative energy to the venture.

On the other hand, mental and physical fatigue is balanced by the vision of something new and different. This is the vision that has been keeping 3pointmagazine alive for five years and this is the main reason why the initial core of people remains unchanged.

We complete our 5th year of self-managed and we aspire our site to exist even more years. In this direction, we believe that there must be cooperation with other ventures of this type and the creation of a big network of self-managed media and ventures will be possible, so that we could resist all together.

For this reason, we start preparing several events with basic element the cooperation with other ventures based on horizontal and direct democracy even they are related to journal or not. The most recent event took place on June the 2nd at Enastron Café and it was about the self-management and self-edition on the field of literature, in which new writers, Exarcheia editions and Mandragoras magazine participated.

We are glad to take part in the big meeting of ventures at the 4th European Congress of Social Solidarity Economy. A valuable effort from below to come together whoever strangle for common issues and finding common ways to win.

A moto says that “Alone you can walk faster, together we are walking further”. We believe that in the end of this special three-day congress at the Agricultural University of Athens we all will be strengthened with knowledge, answers on critical questions, new ideas and thoughts about the future. In the end, we will be more optimistic and with more contacts. Solidarity, sharing, cooperation and freedom of our pencils are our weapons.

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4th European Congress for Social Solidarity Economy

Το 3point magazine είναι ένα οριζόντια δομημένο μέσο που πιστεύει ότι η γνώμη όλων έχει αξία και επιδιώκει την έκφρασή της. Επικροτεί τα σχόλια, την κριτική και την ελεύθερη έκφραση των αναγνωστών του επιδιώκοντας την αμφίδρομη επικοινωνία μαζί τους.

Σε μια εποχή όμως που ο διάλογος τείνει να γίνεται με όρους ανθρωποφαγίας και απαξίωσης προς πρόσωπα και θεσμούς, το 3point δεν επιθυμεί να συμμετέχει. Για τον λόγο αυτόν σχόλια ρατσιστικού, υβριστικού, προσβλητικού, σεξιστικού περιεχομένου θα σβήνονται χωρίς ειδοποίηση του εκφραστή τους.

Ακόμα, το 3point magazine έχει θέσει εαυτόν απέναντι στο φασισμό και τις ποικίλες εκφράσεις του. Έτσι, σχόλια ανάλογου περιεχομένου θα έχουν την ίδια μοίρα με τα ανωτέρω, τη γνωριμία τους με το "delete".

Τέλος, τα ενυπόγραφα άρθρα εκφράζουν το συντάκτη τους και δε συμπίπτουν κατ' ανάγκην με την άποψη του 3point.