On Saturday, 7th of March 2009, the citizens of Exarcheia and other neighbourhoods of Athens, transformed an old parking in a park.

Where there were only concrete, asphalt, iron fences and dozens of cars, now there are plenty of trees and plants, such as lemon trees, olive trees, plane trees, pine trees, even some small urban gardens and animals such as turtles.

The park is evolved to be a shelter for all, younger and older. For university students, for the citizens of the adjoining buildings, who unexpectedly enjoy the nice view and they breathe fresh air instead of exhaust fumes, for people in a wide area and people who use it as a meeting point, for employees and shop keepers, who need to escape for some minutes and for children, as a lovely playground has been constructed.

As the summer is near, the vividness of the place increases. More music, cinema nights and conversations take place.

The park is not funded by public funds and it is not supported in any way by the state. It is solely based on the care of its own people.

You can also participate in the park. Help with its conservation and improvement.

See you at its beautiful flower beds.

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