Today the Ministry of Environment and Energy issued a building permit for the construction of Stadium of AEK at Nea Philadelphia, where once stood the old stadium, until it has been devastated and never rebuilt.

If someone didn’t know the case, this progress would seem to be a milestone or an emotional moment for the team and its supporters, who finally are so close to leave behind the migration and the vast and cold OAKA.

However, the fact is not that romantic and idyllic, even if it is presented to be so by various sides and – who would expect it? – by the left-wing government with SYRIZA as a trunk, a party that is included among them who resisted to the construction of a Stadium on any cost.

The reasons why the fact is not idyllic are explained at an article written about three years ago in the paper AVGI, at the 24th of December 2014, when SYRIZA was on the verge of taking power.

The article by the title “Fear over the city” was signed by Thanasis Krateros for his daily column “Of the time” (pun: also means “Cooked to order”) which is located sustainably on the back page of the newspaper, indicated that it is not a random article that was hosted to the newspaper.

The article describes and comments on the case that prevails at Nea Philadelphia, because of the pressure that is enforced by the well-known businessman who wanted the stadium “one way or another” and took advantage of the people need for the construction of a headquarters of the team.

Th. Karteros has wrote between others: “Many things have we seen until now. People have been beaten, climate of division is cultivated, the slander spreads rapidly and citizens who dare to resort to the CoS (Council of State) were almost ratified, resulted to their own life be threatened. Finally, we reach the shame of all shames, these guys enter by force in the room of city council, hit city councilors and threat the mayor. As though we were at Chicago on the mid-war, or the Berlin of Hitler.”

On the contrary, as if nothing had happened of what had been written about, the building permit for the stadium was issued by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

On the base of this circumstances, that remind of “Chicago on the mid-war or Berlin of Hitler” and AVGI – and SYRIZA of course – was talking about, today the stadium is built. With their permissions, the permissions of also left Regional Authority of Attica but luckily not the permission of the mayor, who was once supported by SYRIZA… But this may be the reason for he is no more supported by the party.

The AEK stadium, a kitsch of great grandeur project, is built on threats, ambushes, targets, public mischiefs, beatings and other mafia practices against those who resisted.

On this situation, then was described as “shameful”, some now eager to cut inauguration ribbons and talk about great work. At the same time, they shake the finger at those who continue to resist and pretend not to understand that by vindicating these practices leave a negative legacy for the resistors of the future, who may Syriza again want to be by their side, as an opposition party.

As was also written at that time, the struggle in Nea Philadelphia was not just an anti-ecological stadium, but at its heart was “the democratic right of people living and working in this city to have an opinion about the next day of themselves and their children.

“They want, or do not want to sacrifice trees and oxygen for the will of their Master. And much more to speak freely, act freely, appeal to the Council of the State freely, without the fear of retaliation by the local mafia. ”

Today, neither AEK, nor the people that really supports it, nor SYRIZA, who does not see it because Maximus Megaron’s lights may blur their judgment, do not win.

Today, the state “the whole grove to be Stadium”, that sounded in the stunts of some specific people violent protests, we wanted stadium on any cost, wins. And it is succeeded with the permission of the left-wing government, that is not obliged by any Memorandum to change their state for another time, but they consciously turned their back to the struggles that they supported and to the people who supported them to come in power.

Το 3point magazine είναι ένα οριζόντια δομημένο μέσο που πιστεύει ότι η γνώμη όλων έχει αξία και επιδιώκει την έκφρασή της. Επικροτεί τα σχόλια, την κριτική και την ελεύθερη έκφραση των αναγνωστών του επιδιώκοντας την αμφίδρομη επικοινωνία μαζί τους.

Σε μια εποχή όμως που ο διάλογος τείνει να γίνεται με όρους ανθρωποφαγίας και απαξίωσης προς πρόσωπα και θεσμούς, το 3point δεν επιθυμεί να συμμετέχει. Για τον λόγο αυτόν σχόλια ρατσιστικού, υβριστικού, προσβλητικού, σεξιστικού περιεχομένου θα σβήνονται χωρίς ειδοποίηση του εκφραστή τους.

Ακόμα, το 3point magazine έχει θέσει εαυτόν απέναντι στο φασισμό και τις ποικίλες εκφράσεις του. Έτσι, σχόλια ανάλογου περιεχομένου θα έχουν την ίδια μοίρα με τα ανωτέρω, τη γνωριμία τους με το "delete".

Τέλος, τα ενυπόγραφα άρθρα εκφράζουν το συντάκτη τους και δε συμπίπτουν κατ' ανάγκην με την άποψη του 3point.