Translation from GreekMariniki Koliaraki

Author: Dimitris Tsirkas

What is the most outrageous in the case of Irianna and Pericles – apart from the destroy of two young persons’ lives – is the complete disinterest of the judges for the well-known public feeling about legal. The judges absolutely cynical if not sadistic, keep in jail two young persons, without evidence, no matter of the intense reactions of a critical part of society.

In the same time, this judiciary either turns a blind eye or behaves favorably for politicians and businessmen who are responsible for felonies and misappropriation of billion euros of public money. Even the very few of them who had been sentenced to imprisonment for such cases they were set free after a while for… health reasons, so they could freely enjoy their booties (for example Tsochatzopoulos, Papageorgopoulos etc.). All these happen during the biggest crisis of the last decades, when millions of people have violently become poor and they are full of despair every day. A crisis whose creators try to blame the victims, physically and morally.

On the one hand, as far as such cases as the one of Irianna and Pericles or the case of the old lady who sold lettuces without permission are concerned the “justice” is austere to the maximum extend. On the other hand, the provocative leniency or indifference to the most serious crimes of the elites aggravates and are directed against social cohesion itself.

What makes judges so prone to such blatant practices of injustice? What makes them indifferent even to the pretexts of a supposedly “blind” and “impartial” justice, as the ideology that accompanies it imparts? Feeling secure with their power, their privileges and super-conservative ideology, they are unable to communicate with the explosive reality of the social majority. The diffuse feelings of frustration and despair that accumulate and the anger they give birth to.

However, if the fuel of a social rebellion is the poverty and the destitution, the trigger is the injustice. The justice instead of disabling the bomb of social injustice, it is constantly putting sparks on it. At the time of the explosion, however, when the ruling class surrenders to the divine violence of the crowd, judges will be among the first to try its ax.


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Σε μια εποχή όμως που ο διάλογος τείνει να γίνεται με όρους ανθρωποφαγίας και απαξίωσης προς πρόσωπα και θεσμούς, το 3point δεν επιθυμεί να συμμετέχει. Για τον λόγο αυτόν σχόλια ρατσιστικού, υβριστικού, προσβλητικού, σεξιστικού περιεχομένου θα σβήνονται χωρίς ειδοποίηση του εκφραστή τους.

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