A brutal state apparatus has been put into operation in Exarchia against squats and radical political subjects, during the last days of the summer.

The newly elected conservative Greek government usually talks about enforcing the law in practice in the district, where happens to be many squats and self-organized spaces. Exarchia is a district with unique characteristics, considered to be boem and rebel.

On Thursday night, the riot police attacked the social center K* VOX which stands in Exarchia for seven years. The police fired tear gas canisters against the people gathered at the square and inside the social center and made an attempt to invade K*VOX. At that time, the place was crowded because of a festival that was held there. Some of the gathered were injured, after being  attacked with batons.

A few meters away, another attack is reported in the same night, against a gay couple. One of the owners of the well-known LGBT magazine ‘Antivirus’ said he was attacked by police officers while walking at the center of Athens with his partner.

Prior to the attack at K*VOX, the Greek police raided numerous squats, occupied mostly by refugees, and arrested 143 refugees and immigrants, at the dawn of 26th of August. Shocking images depict women and children forced into the police bus.

The president of the Panhellenic Federation of Police Officers compared refugees to “disturbing dust” and “rubbish”, while hosted on a tv show. An administrative investigation was launched over the incident. The far-right member of the parliament, Thanos Plevris, elected with New Democracy, entitled to submit his defense. Before elections, Plevris recorded and released a video at which he whispered about the “liberation” of Exarchia after the victory of New Democracy.

All the occurrences of the last days prove a new situation for the police force and a strong desire of the new government and new local authorities to change the elements of the social structures of the center of Athens.

Το 3point magazine είναι ένα οριζόντια δομημένο μέσο που πιστεύει ότι η γνώμη όλων έχει αξία και επιδιώκει την έκφρασή της. Επικροτεί τα σχόλια, την κριτική και την ελεύθερη έκφραση των αναγνωστών του επιδιώκοντας την αμφίδρομη επικοινωνία μαζί τους.

Σε μια εποχή όμως που ο διάλογος τείνει να γίνεται με όρους ανθρωποφαγίας και απαξίωσης προς πρόσωπα και θεσμούς, το 3point δεν επιθυμεί να συμμετέχει. Για τον λόγο αυτόν σχόλια ρατσιστικού, υβριστικού, προσβλητικού, σεξιστικού περιεχομένου θα σβήνονται χωρίς ειδοποίηση του εκφραστή τους.

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Τέλος, τα ενυπόγραφα άρθρα εκφράζουν το συντάκτη τους και δε συμπίπτουν κατ' ανάγκην με την άποψη του 3point.