Translation from Greek to English by Mariniki Koliaraki

The Council of State has concluded that the draft presidential decree for the investment at Elliniko is constitutional and lawful. On the altar of progress, the “green light” to go ahead with the progress has been given to one more investment by the Council of State, whatever concerns the local community and others might have about the environmental impacts.

The Council of State has prepared legislation for the draft presidential decree for the “confirmation of the Project of Integrated Development of Metropolitan Area of Elliniko – Agios Kosmas-Attica” and the conclusion is that it is not opposed to constitution or laws, even if judges remark that environmental, town-planning, architectural etc. rules must be adhered. Moreover, it is underlined that the expected constructions etc. have already been decided and they are in accordance to the Master Plan of Athens.

As far as archeological areas, which are accessible, and cultural property are concerned, the council points out that “archaeological research and protection and maintenance measures for monuments are to be proceeded before the initiation of any technical project and they must be completed within a logical period, having in mind the early implementation of the project”. They also mention that although some buildings, which are expected to be constructed, are extremely high (skyscrapers), according to the law, the protection of monuments and cultural property are covered sufficiently by the draft decree.

Elliniko is a part of Greek government’s promises, within the frame of the implementation of the prerequisite measures for the completion of the third memorandum program. In the past, the current prime minister, as the leader of SYRIZA, has taken part in the struggles of citizens for the creation of a metropolitan park, where once stood the former airport, without any mall or high buildings. In contrast to using this huge space for business and trade purposes, they used to support the creation of a green area.

However, on the altar of the development, the environment and quality of people’s life are sacrificed. A mall is built for job openings, working full-time for 400€ per month, a casino for giving the opportunity to wealth people become wealthier and poor to develop their delusions.

Elliniko is not the only such case. Skouries, where a vast area of primeval forest has been devastated and replaced by the premises of the Canadian company El Dorado Gold is another such case. SYRIZA used to believe that the procedures at Skouries will have serious impacts on the ground and water of the area and many professions, related to agriculture, fishing and tourism.

This is one more time that the Greek government does not measure up to what they announced before elections. As a result, the procedures continue to be held and the company remain stable in its place, while citizens are prosecuted for opposing to the investment and taking part to protests.

In the name of development, in Greece, whose economy largely based on tourism, airports are sold in low price. The German company Fraport is to buy 14 airports for 1,23 billion €.

The sketch of Carlos Latuff for the “necessary” investments in Greece on the altar of development, exclusively for

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